Council Minutes

Please find below the minutes of the meetings for the current year. Minutes for 2017/18 are available here

Please note that only the minutes that have been confirmed by the Council can be published. The Council usually meets every other Wednesday except in July and August. The minutes of its previous meeting are then confirmed.

This page displays the Parish Council's minutes and the appendices related to planning; should you require any of the other appendices referred to in the minutes please contact the office.

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 Month Meeting Minutes 
 February 2019
20 February Draft
6 February
 January 2019
 9 January
23 January
 December 2018
 12 December
 November 2018
 7 November
21 November
 Minutes of Staffing Meeting 26 November
 October 2018
 3 October
17 October
 Minutes of Staffing Meeting 25 October
 September 2018
 5 September
 Minutes of Staffing Meeting 24 September
 July 2018
 July 4
July 18
 June 2018
 June 6
June 20
 May 2018
 May 9
May 20
 April 2018
 April 11
April 25

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