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To become a Councillor, you must be:

·           Either a British subject, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, or other European National.

·           On the day that you are nominated as a candidate, you must be 18 years or over, and you must be an elector.

·           During the whole 12-months preceding your nomination day, or the day of the election, you must also have resided in Frampton Cotterell, or had your principal place of work in the Parish, or within 3 miles of it.



·           A Councillor is a member of the Council and is normally elected for a term of four-years.

·           Councils are usually a broad mix of individuals of all ages. (Whilst councillors may have differing political views, these do not normally extend into parish council work.)

·           What all councillors should have in common is an active interest in their local community and a concern for it.

·           Councillors take collective decisions which form the policy of the Council. The policy of the Council therefore reflects the views of the majority of members.














 To do list and timetable to becoming a councillor on 2nd May 2019

·         Check with www.southglos.gov.uk for nomination papers and information (available from mid-Feb onwards)

·         Notice of Election will be published on Monday 18th March

·         Nominations can be received between 18th March and 3rd April (4pm)

·         Thursday 2nd May – POLLING DAY – 7am-10pm

·         Saturday 4th May – count for Parish and Town Councils

·         Tuesday 7th May – start office as Parish Councillor


For more information, please contact the Parish Council. Contact details below:


The Brockeridge Centre, Woodend Road, Frampton Cotterell, South Gloucestershire, BS36 2LQ



Tel: 01454 868 370 / 01454 864 442

Email: clerkframptoncotterellpc@southglos.gov.uk


Swan Lane Road Works

Notice is hereby given that the South Gloucestershire Council in pursuance of the

provisions contained within the above Act will for a period of five* days

inclusive commencing on 06/03/2019

prohibit ANY VEHICLE from proceeding along  SWAN LANE, WINTERBOURNE.

From its junction with High Street, Winterbourne.

To its junction with Old Gloucester Road, Winterbourne.

and vice versa

The above restriction is necessary to enable cleansing duties under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to be executed on the carriageway consequent upon which is the need to avoid danger to road users and the operatives engaged upon the works, and serious deterioration of the Highway.

*NOTE: it is anticipated that the works will occupy 9.30am to 2.30pm on 06/03/2019 within the Statutory Notice Period of five days


The alternative route for vehicles is via High Street, Beacon Lane, Old Gloucester Road, Winterbourne and vice versa



I am writing to advise you about essential roadworks that are to be carried out at Church Road, Frampton Cotterell. (See attached plan of site.) From the 28h February 2019, the road will be subject to major resurfacing works.

The works will involve the planning off of the existing surface of the carriageway and the laying of a new surface. The work will start at 8.00am and remain in place until approximately 6.00pm. For the duration of the works, the road will be closed, and all traffic will be diverted around the area whilst the closures are in place. These works will create a significant amount of noise.

We will make every effort to ensure that access to properties and amenities fronting the site and whose only access is from the closed road, is kept available and the disruption to local residents is kept to a minimum. However, there may be periods of time when access to properties by vehicle will be unachievable, and for this, we apologise. Please note that adverse weather conditions or plant / delivery problems may affect these times and dates.

During the periods that these works are being carried out, it is essential that the road is kept clear of vehicles, as this will interfere with the works. I am therefore requesting that for the period that the works are in progress, please ensure that all vehicles are parked away from the area. If there are vehicles parked on the road that could obstruct the work, it may be necessary to have the vehicles removed.

Although alternative routes will be signposted whilst the works are in progress, it is possible that delays may occur on the surrounding network. Please watch the local press for any further news, but you are advised to avoid the area if possible for the duration of the works. South Gloucestershire Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by these essential works.

Dog Owners be Ware

Following reports on social media about attempted and actual theft of dogs the report from Avon and Somerset police is that one dog was reported stolen and there were two attempted thefts in Winterbourne/Frampton Cotterell.

Please keep your dogs safe and insight at all times.

We hope you find this website useful. If you have any comments or questions about it or about any other issue related to the parish, please contact us. We will do our best to help.

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Publication Scheme

The publication scheme commits an authority to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities. The scheme commits an authority to:

  •  proactively publish or otherwise make available as a matter of routine, information, including environmental information held by the authority.
  • To produce and publish the methods by which the specific information is made routinely available so that it can be easily identified and accessed by members of the public.
  • review and update on a regular basis the information the authority makes available under this scheme.
  • produce a schedule of any fees charged for access to information which is made proactively available.
  • make this publication scheme available to the public.

For more information, linked below is a document outlining Frampton Cotterell Parish Council’s commitment to the Publication Scheme.

Publication Scheme

“We Will Remember Them”

With the centenary of the end of the First World War approaching, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council have marked the occasion by installing a memorial bench by the war memorial in St Peter’s Churchyard.   Linda Williams, Chair of the Council, said “The bench is sustainably made out of recycled plastic and allows people to take time out to sit and reflect.  We wanted to provide a space for parishioners to be able to sit quietly and remember those that have given their lives for us.”

The Parish Council have also donated a new memorial noticeboard and a “There But Not There” Tommy figure which have been installed at the Royal British Legion on Ryecroft Road.  Edwin Jones, Chair of the Frampton Cotterell branch of the Legion said he was “thankful to the Parish Council for the fitting memorials which not only mark the centenary of the end of WW1 but also provide a lasting tribute to all those that have fallen in war.”

Changes to First Bus Services from 2nd September

If you would like a copy of all the changes please visit the Brockeridge Centre between 9am and 2pm any weekday. Alternatively here is a link


Frampton Cotterell Youth Group

Years 7 & 8 Tuesdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Seniors Thursdays 7pm - 9pm

50p entry

A home in Wayside Close, Frampton Cotterell, was broken into between 2.30 - 7.30pm Thurs 8 Nov. The offender smashed patio door to enter and searched bedroom, targeting jewellery.

Distraction Burglary

There was a distraction burglary in Frampton Cotterell on the 13th June 2018, which was one of three in the local area. The other two being in the Emerson’s Green. The suspect is described as a white male in his late 20’s. he has claimed to be a plumber checking the boiler and a gas man.

· If you are not sure who is at your door, don't open it.

· Check the identity of the caller by calling the company they are claiming to be from i.e. gas, electricity, water and police.

· Use the telephone numbers listed in your local directory or provided independently by your service provider -

Do not use any telephone numbers provided by the caller.

· If you are suspicious call the police.

Do you find dog fouling unacceptable? South Gloucestershire council would like you to have your say please visit

Area Wide Grants

Is your community group in need of a grant to support a project or activity across South Gloucestershire? Our Area Wide Grants can help support organisations working across South Gloucestershire. Applications can be made at any point during the year for projects that will be run in at least 6 of the 14 Community Engagement Forum areas (see map on reverse).  The maximum grant is £3,000, though higher awards may be possible for exceptional projects.  The first step is to find out more at www.southglos.gov.uk/AWG and to register your organisation with our online grants system. Supporting the community across South Gloucestershire For further assistance: The grants helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm  grants@southglos.gov.uk  01454 865865  www.southglos.gov.uk/AWG C


BBC Back In Time Series

The Back in Time series, are looking for a family to immerse themselves in the past world of rural village life. The series will be filmed in the region over the school summer holidays 2019 and Back in Time are looking for a new family to take part and go back in time. 

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to share our casting information with your Parish Council members and the local community, to see if they’d be interested in applying, or know a local family who might be. It would be great if you could share our casting flyer somehow – perhaps over email, on social media, or in a newsletter. Alternatively, I would be more than happy to pop a few casting flyers in the post for you to display in the community, or at your next meeting. I’ve attached our casting flyer for reference which has more information and details for people about how to apply.

For anyone interested in applying do so via the Wall to Wall Take Part page here - https://www.walltowall.co.uk/casting/new-back-in-time-series_1251.aspx.

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